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I have the best job in the world, I make dreams come true! At the end of the day my husband will ask how my day went, I get to reply with things like, “I was in Alaska this morning, Rome and St. Lucia this afternoon, and ended with a cruise". What...

Headed out for a hike on our Un-Cruise

We met a couple in Houston, and they were headed to Los Cabos on the same cruise we were going on.  Un-Cruise on The Sea of Cortez.  

In Los Cabo we were met by a representative who guided us to our transfers and they took the 4 for us to the Barcelo Gran Faro Los Cabos.  A beautiful beachfront property right in the middle of town.  The food was good.  We went out walking and felt very safe.  Kiss' Rock and Brews was just across the street.  

After everyone arrived we loaded 2 buses and they took us to La Paz to board our ship, the Safari Endeavour.  Our captain was Jon "Shep" Shephard, the best.  The crew met us outside, took our name and told us our cabin number.  No paperwork or room keys, loved that.

Our first stop was Candelero.  We did the horse and burro ride in the morning.  A Mexican family spends 2 days driving them to the ship, we go on the ride and they spend 2 day taking them home to start all over next week.  The wives and daughters bring there home made items to sell too.  A great experience.

The snorkeling was great and they even provided dry suits.

The next day we were at Agua Verde, while we were eating breakfast, I looked out the window and there was a train of Kayaks headed to shore.

There are no menu's they come and tell you 3 or 4 options and you tell them which ones you prefer.  They even offered a gluten choice.

A great place to hike, snorkel, bird watch, plus a heard of goats on the mountain side.

At Puerto Los Gatos we had 2 awesome hikes.  a 70 year old rock climber, poet and musician from the Isle of Skye joined us, we loved this guy, he was so interesting and motivating.  On our second hike of the day, I hiked right out of my shoes, fortunately a girl had an extra pair in her back pack just my size.  

We loaded the ship headed to our next destination, and the dolphins were swimming and playing right beside us for miles.  You want to watch from the bridge, no problem go right on up.

At the Isla San Francisco we had a great hike, walked around the salt Flats and learned about salt mining.  They also got out the kayaks and stand up boards and set up a tent with beverages and snacks.  

Every stop it was our ship and a couple of other private yachts who seem to be following us, so we really had the entire place to ourselves.  Nothing crowded, a great experience.

The next day we were at Las Islotes & Ensenada Grande where we snorkeled with the Sea Lions, a great experience.  They are so playful, they will swim right at you and make you think they are going to run over you and at the last minute they turn.  So much marine life, I was sure glad I had an underwater camera.  

As we headed back to La Plaz my husband was trying to pass a kidney stone.  They called a mother/son team from Britain,  we loaded on a skiff and by flashlight we headed to shore and they took us to the Ex-Pat hospital and waited with us till the Dr decided to put him under and crush it up.  At 12:30am the nurse came, took his IV and said follow me, no wheelchair.  At the end of the hall was a foot & a half inch wall, as he stepped over, they put socks and a hairnet on him.  They gave him an epidural and crushed the stone up.  The Dr. Asked him what kind of music he liked, he heard one song and was asleep.  The Dr. said he was the only one who has gone to sleep during an epidural.  The next morning our drivers were back and took us to the pharmacy and the ship.  

Today the activity was swimming with the Whale Sharks, the water was rough but a a wonderful experience and the highlight of the trip.  They are huge!!!

La Paz is a great town with a boardwalk and lots of statues for picture taking.  Across from the ship is a great Ice cream parlor and down the street a whale museum.  We also visited El Serpentaria where we held rescued animals and fed birds from our hands.  

Evenings, the crew would tell us about the activities or tomorrow, a little history about the area and good to know facts.  

The food was great, no menu's, they had 4 choices including gluten.  All were great.

This is a true All Inclusive experience.  Nothing listed above cost us except the actual hospital visit.  We didn't even have to pay the  people that took us and stayed with us.  I did tip of course, had to really talk them into taking it though.  

La Paz also has Burger King, Applebee's and Carl's Jr if you must.  Don't know why you would, the food was great on the ship.  I highly recommend this and hope to do the Hawaii and Alaska trips soon.  

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